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Remembering past events and occasions

House Blessing at Talmine

On 30th April at Talmine near Tongue in Sutherland. Peter Hicks along with members of his family and the local congregation enjoyed time together following the Blessing of his new appartment by Father Nicholas.

The end of 2016 was a sad time for the Sandison Family when Bruce, Husband, Father, Brother and Grandfather was suddenly taken from his family. Bruce was a noted Author and his literary talents will be missed by many.  At Bruce's Funeral in Tongue, Sutherland, his  brother Fergus read the following poem, written by Bruce at the graveside. Bruce is sadly missed by the Congregation of St Mary by the Cross, at their monthly Eucharist Service held at Fir Chlis House

The Dear Lord must aye be busy wi’ weighing up a’

The souls that clamour oot front o’ his pearly gates.

I wis telt as a laddie that there was only yin o’ Him,

So all these folk frae the Middle East and frae Africa

An the Far East, like the rest of me and my pals,

Must also hae to hobble alang tae God’s front stoop,

Foreby that, they canna say they didna ken when for

Centuries we hae telt them that there was only yin.

Weel, they ken noo.  And wit about auld Reekie?

Where in God’s name, if you will pardon the expression,

Is He supposed tae hoose them a’ – for far mair souls

Will be bidden to His sooty halls than a’ the happy

Band of bodies twanging awa’ at their harps aboone.

Will I afore lang be trudging along that weel-marked track?

I dinna think so.  When my time comes

I will welcome the darkness that will

Blanket and smile at me, and all that I have done.

Ann and Bruce Sandison renewed their wedding vows in April 2015, the ceremony was followed by a celebration lunch with their  friends at Fir Chlis House.

Cutting the cake to share with the Friends from St Mary's, Tongue congregation

Bishop Mark Blessing the site for the Labrynth at Tongue

Post Eucharist Fellowship


The Labrynth at Tongue, follow the path in Contemplation and Prayer

The completed Labrynth

The Monthly Eucharist at Tongue